Dutch winter

So I have reason to believe that some of you finally got a taste of a proper Dutch winter. I must say it started quite beautiful, with nice and sunny weather and a bit of snow the night before. But then the ‘strooiwagen’ & ‘sneeuwploegen’ came, covered everything in salt and turned most of the …

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New website!

Dear everyone, Last time I had a boardtalk it was the third of December, so it’s about time.For the ones who haven’t noticed yet, yeah, we have a new website.The WebCie, of which I’m a part as well, has been working on it for some time now and it has finally arrived.Yesterday at 20:00 we …

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End of the Holidays

Dear Watt-jes, It’s still cold outside, the days are still dark and there is not enough hot chocolate to get me through this day. And worst of all… The holidays are over. I hope you had a lovely holiday and a good new years. But now we are back at Saxion for the first days …

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