First Year Committee

Hi, we’re the First Years Committee (SjaarCie). We organise activities and represent LED’s first year students.
We do this in order to get first years more in touch with the study association. We try to organise fun activities each quarter, such as the annual Nerf game.
Running a commission sounds like a boring and serious chore, but it really isn’t! It hardly takes any time at all, we have lots of fun together and we learn lots of things!

These are the members of the SjaarCie 2021/2022:
Wouter Starrenburg (chairman)
Adelina Muchanga
Joshua Winters
Luka Bootsma
Gijs Ariëns

If you would like to tag along for a meeting to get an idea of the goings-on, or if you want to contact us, send an e-mail to: