Subcommittee Maritime and Nautical events

Wiljan Veening (chairman)
Harold Kip
Bouke Boumeester
Lucas Bollen
Anouk Vis
Jelmer Twijnstra
Floor Kompier

The Subcommittee Maritime and Nautical events or SubMariNe organizes the yearly sailing weekend of the association.

During this weekend we sail the lakes and channels of Friesland in open sailing boots. During the day we are sailing, during the evenings we drink some beers at the waterside, we sleep underneath the sailcloth on the boats and during the whole weekend happiness is the main focus. As committee we take care of all the prework like organizing boats, cookware and the food itself.
During the weekend the committee has help of the amazing skippers from within the association who all take charge of a boat. So do you have sailing experience and want to help us a skipper email us then at!