Drink Committee

We are the drinks committee from S. A. Watt, also know as the Brakcie. But what do we actually do? At least three times a quartile a drinks night with various themes, ranging from a Aprés ski night, Christmas drink in June but also now and again a normal drinks night.

Of course, you understand that the beer always keeps on flowing and the wine gets finished like it is lemonade. We, the drinks committee, really want to give you the best time of your life at all the drink nights and party’s. And that is why we always try to make the best party’s.


Aimee Merola
Brent Verharen
Corneel Kamphuis (chairman)
Daan Westra
Gideon Vos
Isaija Sitdikov
Larissa Berkelder
Miranda Beumer

Do you have any questions or remarks please mail us then at borrels@svwatt.com
We can also organize a tailor-made drink for you, send us an email with you wishes and we will come back to you.