The association cannot arise and continue to exist without the help of committees. We also have a number of committees, below is a list of existing and active committees. Click on the committee to see more information.

Activities Committee (AcCie), organises non study related events.

General Systems Committee (ASCie), takes care for the management and maintenance of the website and all other Watt systems.

Drink Committee (BrakCie), organises regulated drinks.

Cantus Committee (ProminenCie), organises the cantus.

First Year Committee (SjaarCie), organises activities for and by first year students.

Picture Commitee (PixCie), makes and delivers pictures for Watt events.

KasCo, checks the treasurer and financial administration of the association.

Lecture and Excursion Committee (LExCie), organises (lunch)lectures and excursion by/to study related companies.

Membersweekend Committee, organises the membersweekend.

Promotion Committee (PromoCie), is responsible for the promotion of events, like making posters and Facebook events.

Study Trip Committee (StudiereisCie), organises the study trip.

Subcommittee Maritime and Nautical events (SubMariNe), organises the sailingweekend.

Workshop Committee (WorkCie), organises workshops.