Membersweekend Committee

Membersweekend, the greatest weekend of the year it’s the main motive of this amazing committee: the membersweekend committee.
A committee that will organize the finest, boldest and greatest weekend of the year.
Quirky as Watters can be, we always enjoy the company and fun we can have with each other.
That is why we, as a committee, are organizing a memberweekend full of awesome activities on a gorgeous location by and for fun members.
The main focus of this weekend will be bonding, relaxing, destressing from college, but mainly you, the members of study association Watt.
Everybody who wants to help, give us ideas or support us in any way are always welcome to email us at
We can’t wait to see you all on this amazing membersweekend!

The Committee:
Floor Kompier
Tristan van Haaren
Eva Jongejan
Arthur Kramer
Steven van Lohuizen
Wiljan Veening
Jarno Voortman