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Privacy statement study association Watt
In this privacy statement we aim to give answers to the most important questions with regards to the processing of personal data by study association Watt (after this called ‘Watt). If you desire to read a more in-depth overview of our privacy policy you can read the privacy policy on our website.

What is classified as personal data?

Every institute nowadays collects a certain amount of data, for the members of in this case Watt it is important to know what we do to protect your personal data. It is important to know what is classified as personal data; personal data is data that says something about you. Examples of this are name and age. When (a combination of) this data could be used to trace back directly to you we are talking about personal data. Examples of this are your address, data of birth but also your first name in combination with your date of birth. When in this case a study association processes this type of data we are obliged to do everything necessary to safely handle this data. Pictures and video are also classified as personal data.

Whose personal data is Watt processing?

Watt processes personal data of individuals with whom we have a direct or indirect relation, want to have or have had. Some examples of this are:

Members of the study association.
Non-members who sign up for our various activities.
Former members
Companies with which we had various levels of contact.

Who is responsible for the processing of data within Watt?

Within the study association we collect various types of data. This data can mainly be divided into two categories:

Information kept within the member’s database, this database contains: Names, addresses, payment information, date of birth and membership status. This data can only be viewed by the board members of the current year and former board members who do the maintenance of this database.
Activity registration information. The association also collects data from users who sign up for activities. This information is kept for short term processing and then safely disposed of.
Each year the board assigns one board member who will be responsible for all things privacy related within Watt.

What is your personal data used for?

When one wants to become a member of Watt or start any type of relation with us we require a certain degree of personal. Using your data we are able to properly sign you up for all the functions within our association

Once you become a member of the association we want to properly provide our services to you. The information we collect is used to sign you up for activities, to streamline our payment process and to inform you about anything related to our activities.

Stored data can be used for promotional and marketing goals. For example to inform you about activities or provide you with a newsletter. These promotional emails will always be sent from our servers so an external company will be unable to receive your data without your knowledge.

We also need some data for practical processes. We need this to support our administrative processes regarding contribution and statistical analysis.

Is Watt processing ‘special’ personal data?

With special personal data we are referencing to data that is extra sensitive. Examples of special personal data are data pertaining to heath or race. This type of data is only processed by us when it is explicitly approved by you and it’s necessary for our services. The special personal data processed by us pertains to health; this includes dietary wishes and allergies.

How is my data handled by Watt?

Your personal information is kept in a safe place and is kept no longer than necessary for normal usage within the association or the goal for which it is being used.

Who has access to my personal data?

As mentioned earlier the data is divided in two parts. We have data that is kept in a database; this is personal information which can only be viewed by the board members of the current year and the former board member who does software maintenance he signed a NDA.

The other type of data is the data used by the various committees. This data is used to sign you up for various activities, this data is kept for up to a year maximum. The people who have access to personal data within a committee are obliged to sign a NDA.

What are the rules regarding the processing of personal data?

When processing personal data Sv. Watt abides to the Dutch laws and guidelines.

Is it possible to directly view the data saved by Watt?

It’s not possible to directly view the data which is saved by Watt. It is however possible to view your personal data upon request. This can be done by sending a request to

Where can I go for a complaint or question?

For questions or complaints regarding the processing of personal data by Sv. Watt one should send an e-mail to


To optimize services provided by Sv. Watt we make use of certain (automated) messages. This entails messages with information regarding to activities, payment information and important messages regarding the association. It is not possible to OPT-out of any of these messages.

Changes to the privacy policy

Sv. Watt gives itself full rights to make changes to the privacy policy. It is recommended to often check the privacy policy for changes to make sure you are up to date on any changes made. You can save the privacy policy yourself or reach it through