Advisory Board

Board members of study association Watt will generally hold their position for a single year. For most people, this is their first experience dealing with such a function. As a result, board members will have to deal with unknown situations. In these cases, the board can ask the advisory board for support. In Dutch, the advisory board is called ‘Raad van Advies’. This is often abbreviated to ‘RvA’.

What is the advisory board?
The advisory board is a group of approximately ten people who advise the board. Members of the advisory board typically have experience in being a board member themselves.
Some members of the advisory board are still closely related to the association and actively partaking, whereas others mainly have an added benefit for internal discussions within the advisory board.
The advisory board is autonomous and is not a committee. The advisory board chooses its own members, in consultation with the board. While doing so, the advisory board tries to stay proficient and diverse.

What does the advisory board do?
The main tasks of the advisory board are:

  • Supporting the board. The advisory board is available as an information and sparring partner for current and candidate board members.
  • Looking after the continuity and stability of the board strategy, in particular the long term strategy of the association.
  • Keeping knowledge and experience of several years within the association.
  • Being available to support in the transition period between consecutive boards. For example, by explaining an important subject in an afternoon or evening.

In order to be able to give proper support and advice, the advisory board needs to be sufficiently up to date concerning the current state of the association. As such, there is a contact moment once every quartile between the board and the advisory board.

Who are the members of the advisory board?
The members of the advisory board are currently:

  • Anja Jonas
  • Arthur Kraamer
  • Casper Ploegmakers
  • Dennie Bosschert
  • Ludo Laane
  • Martin Zijlstra
  • Noah van der Vuurst
  • Remco Ritskes
  • Renier van Soest
  • Tristan van Haaren

How do you get in touch with the advisory board?
You can reach the advisory board by sending a mail. The email address is:
Current board members, as well as candidate board members, can obviously also personally contact advisory board members.