End of the Holidays

Dear Watt-jes,

It’s still cold outside, the days are still dark and there is not enough hot chocolate to get me through this day. And worst of all… The holidays are over.
I hope you had a lovely holiday and a good new years. But now we are back at Saxion for the first days this year, and I need to confess… They are damn hard. Like this morning I couldn’t get out of bed. I had a meeting at 09:40 but when Jamie texted to reschedule the meeting to 09:55 I was so happy. And went back to bed. It has never been this hard to get out of bed, after I got up and when I was at the association room, the locker of the key to the room wouldn’t open, Ludo was looking the best he ever has… kuch kuch.. This was for everyone a rough morning.

But enough complains, it is also fun to be back. Seeing all of the other Watt-jes again, sitting in the Watt-room and just being back. I am wondering what this year has in stock for Watt.

Hope you had a lovely holiday.

Best wishes.
Lots of love,