New website!

Dear everyone,

Last time I had a boardtalk it was the third of December, so it’s about time.
For the ones who haven’t noticed yet, yeah, we have a new website.
The WebCie, of which I’m a part as well, has been working on it for some time now and it has finally arrived.
Yesterday at 20:00 we revealed the new site at the Website Reveale Drink at Tabula Rasa, it was quite the show.

So, about me then I guess. Oh boy, has it been some time the last weeks. A lot of joy, a lot of tears of both happiness and sadness, but overall it was great.
Hanging out with my friends, helping my bestie move and watching a lot of series. (I recommend Lucifer, it’s on Netflix)
Furthermore, just being with the family, walking with the dog, going out for lunch with my mom, it’s a great energy boost.
Because you may not realize it at that moment, but when you live on your own in Enschede, it may get quite lonely sometimes.
Even though I have experience in being away from them for a longer period of time, I still manage to get a little homesick.
But then when you are with your parents again, it’s all fine and well.

So, that was it I guess, next time will be Februari 4th (Dutch), see you then.

Your secretary, Gerben