Gerben Braakman

Final Boardtalk

Well hello once again, but probably for the last time.It’s the exam weeks, which means that everyone is busy studying and finishing off projects. The most stressful time of every student! But don’t be alarmed, because it also means that the holidays are around the corner.Me myself will go to camp with the boy scouts

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Let’s go!

So, it’s time for me to write you guys another boardtalk. What have I been doing actually?Last week, during the holidays, I went to Avengers Endgame, together with 6 other Watt members. Next to that, I worked 4 days in Raalte with my lovely co-boardmembers Anja, Anique and Noah. This week was quite hectic. I

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Exam weeks

Dear members, While I am writing this I have compassion for you guys. It is the middle of the first exam week and everybody that I speak is a little stressed (except Gerben with his minutes). Luckily for me I do not have any exams! In the past six week I think a have never

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Hey everyone, It’s me, Gerben, your secretary. And yes it’s been a while since I had an English boardtalk, so here I am. Last week was quite stressful. First off all the documents for the general members meeting needed to be fixed, then FOSS was being difficult and as always I tried to do way

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New website!

Dear everyone, Last time I had a boardtalk it was the third of December, so it’s about time.For the ones who haven’t noticed yet, yeah, we have a new website.The WebCie, of which I’m a part as well, has been working on it for some time now and it has finally arrived.Yesterday at 20:00 we

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