Exam weeks

Dear members,

While I am writing this I have compassion for you guys. It is the middle of the first exam week and everybody that I speak is a little stressed (except Gerben with his minutes). Luckily for me I do not have any exams! In the past six week I think a have never been so relaxed. Sorry guys 🙁 Don’t lose hope! The vacation is just a week and a half away.

But before it is time for vacation it is time for the one and only HBO gala. Anique was so sweet to lessen my dress (more than 20 cm) because I am a little girl. I even chose my lipstick, so I am ready for tonight. I hope to see you guys, and if you are not at the gala but at the bungalow party, I wish you guys a lot of fun!

It is easter this weekend! Enough time for you to get over your hangover, eat a looooooottttt of chocolate and chill with your family. For me it means to winch (getting gliders into the sky) and hopefully fly a few times as well.

Now I am gonna eat some icecream and prepare for the gala. Have a nice weekend!

Hugs from your chairman