Anique Faasen

Anique Faasen

Vacation and work?

Dear you there, How have you been? I am pretty much alright, just a little bit of stress because of my new job in the vacation. It’s kind of like a summer school but then in the spring. It is fun to do, but like high schoolers are scary! But what have you been doing […]

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Busy Birdies

Dear all, The last few weeks have been very very busy. Lots of preparing for the ALV ( general members meeting), following classes, organizing parties and a lot of meetings. Sometimes I dream about having a wonderfull vacation to the sea, with seals, penguins, flamingos and lots of drinks. No hangovers though. Maybe I would

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End of the Holidays

Dear Watt-jes, It’s still cold outside, the days are still dark and there is not enough hot chocolate to get me through this day. And worst of all… The holidays are over. I hope you had a lovely holiday and a good new years. But now we are back at Saxion for the first days

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