Company day

Today the yearly Company day by s.a. Watt & s.a. Archimedes. Roughly 45 technological companies from all over the Netherlands joined us to tell about themselves, meet students and offer internship or graduation assignments. These companies were from working fields relevant to the studies associated with s.a. Watt & s.a. Archimedes.
It was a very hectic few days for me being part of organizing this event.

Organizing started roughly half a year ago with the inviting of the companies. Then there were locations to arrange, volunteers to recruit and floor plans to be made. Hectic hectic hectic, stress stress stress. Ah yes, and annoying external parties.

Also, my brain is way to fried to write this text now. That has something to do with the drink yesterday. It was a great idea to go there.

I hope you all have visited the Company day, and if not I hope to see you next year. Trust me, its worth your while to meet some companies.

For now, I’m off to bed.