Machine shadow for 3D visualization

  • Graduation Assignment
  • Rijssen

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We have various use cases where we want to be able to visualize what the machine is doing. Before this can be done, data is required to feed into a model and a stable data-stream for this data also needs to be achieved. For our cloud solution we make use of AWS, one of the features the platform offers is a Device Shadow. We want to determine what the impact will be on the system if we want to use this mechanism for a 3D visualization of our machines. For the 3D visualization itself we want to learn what web-technologies are capable of doing nowadays. A web-based 3D visualization will be the most flexible in the various use cases. Determine what data is required to represent moving machine parts. Obtain this data using AWS IoT Core and AWS Device Shadow. Visualize a 3D model of the machine with moving parts using modern web-technologies.

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