Hot wings bread spread – Casper’s food review

A few weeks ago I (Casper) saw a tray of frikadel special bread spread (frikadel special is a dutch delicacy). Of course I couldn’t pass this one up. I also made a board talk about this at the time in which I promised to buy a bowl of dönner salad spread. This boardtalk was so popular at the time that I thought: I should do this again. So when I saw a bowl of hot wings bread spread in the store Monday morning, I gotta make a new boardtalk about this. So here’s the new board talk 🙂
Unlike the Frikadel bread spread, the hot wings salad doesn’t even taste like hot wings. so, not recommended.
I haven’t found the dönner bread spread yet, so that search is still going on, lemme know if you find it.