Busy times

Dear reader,

It has been quite busy recently.. oh boy oh boy. Nobody died, so that’s a good thing. But it did feel like people were dying now and then. We’ve had the General Assembly this week. For those who dont know, a general assembly is a meeting where all the members of the association gather to get an update on the goings on and what has been done so far.

These meetings generally last somewhere in the region of 5 hours, where ours lasted just short of 5 hours. So that was the first victory! The second victory, in my book, is that we survived. The general assemblies are open for all members to join, the next one will be in Oktober presubably. Come by and have some fun!

After the general assembly we went for a few beers and then, the next morning, at 8:30 we had our regular boardmeeting. now add that to my regular meetings on monday and the general assembly and between Monday 13:00hrs and Tuesday 13:00hrs i spent 9 out of 24 hours in a meeting. A bit too much in my opinion. Oh, the boardlife, such fun at times. (Yes, definately most of the time, but not at times like these)

OH! Also, next week on Wednesday (27th March) there will be a board interest drink. So if you want a closer look at the boardlife then come by around 16:00hrs.

For now i need to get back to work, i am not getting paid to write this. Well actually i am, but i’m not supposed to.

have a nice week 🙂