Busy birdies

Dear all,

The last few weeks have been very very busy. Lots of preparing for the ALV ( general members meeting), following classes, organizing parties and a lot of meetings. Sometimes I dream about having a wondefull vacation to the sea, with seals, pinguins, flamingos and lots of drinks. No hangovers though. Maybe I would take the board with me, they kinda deserve a break, but maybe I won’t. Having a anti social vacation sounds really good at the moment.
Sadly it won’t be possible, maybe a personal assistent would be nice.
So if you would like to be my p.a. send an email to vraaghetanique@svwatt.com
Or if you just have a fun question send an email to vraaghetanique@svwatt.com

Without any messing, the next week will also be terribly busy but after that DOBBY WILL BE FREEE.

I hope you all have a good week.

Lots of cuddles,


p.s. Thursday there will be a very tastefully surprise sponsored by MA-IT (Our lovely main sponsor)

p.s. floor has a round head