Hey everyone,

It’s me, Gerben, your secretary. And yes it’s been a while since I had an English boardtalk, so here I am.

Last week was quite stressful. First off all the documents for the general members meeting needed to be fixed, then FOSS was being difficult and as always I tried to do way too much so I overworked and stressed out a bit.

I’m fine now tho, which is nice. We just had a few beers with the board at België, which is THE place to be! So that was fun and tomorrow we have an activity exclusive for alumni. With food/beer and bowling.

Saturday I need to be at the open house of Saxion, representing the association and afterwards I’m going to Captain Marvel, my weekend looks great for now.

So yeah, I guess that’s it for now, I’ll see you guys in another 7 weeks or so. Hold on tight and till than!

Kind regards,