Time flies

Dear members,

Finally a new boardtalk! I am a little late, sorry about that. But better late then never right?

The past week I with all the board members were busy with the ALV ( general members meeting). In the ALV we are gonna present what we (the board) have been doing the past half year and of course how much money we spend on you guys. To present these things, we need to write reports. And writing reports cost time….. a lot of time…………… But by the time you read this, the reports are already finished! So plenty of free time I thought! Nothing is less true….
There were drinks, the HBO party, the commitee market, our board round (which was succesfull 😉 and the ‘stout in het oerwoud’ party and somewhere inbetween all the fun I had to follow some lectures. Luckely now it is time for weekend, and if it is good weather I can make my first gliding flight of this year!

Hopefully you guys enjoyed all the activities the past weeks, and you had more time left than i did!

See you at the ALV!

Hugs from your chairman!