Dutch winter

So I have reason to believe that some of you finally got a taste of a proper Dutch winter. I must say it started quite beautiful, with nice and sunny weather and a bit of snow the night before. But then the ‘strooiwagen’ & ‘sneeuwploegen’ came, covered everything in salt and turned most of the snow into a grey-blackish mass of partially frozen bits of road & water. Now, when the sun shines this will not necessarily be an issue, but combine this with say rain & wet snow you’re looking at a really nasty mess. Today I had quite a taste of this mess. I came back home half frozen, wet & partially covered in ice.

Did anyone have to travel by train? I hope not, because winter came and thus the trains will not. Last year it suddenly snowed and the NS immediately switched to their altered planning. The snow was gone quickly then. This year the NS switched to the altered planning the day that the snow was announced. And then it snowed. All the trains got messed up. I’m happy I don’t have to travel by train these weeks and I wish those of you who have to the best of luck.

I hope you enjoy the Dutch winter!

Good luck with the exams that remain.