Excursions Terms and Conditions

Terms of services of the excursion committee

Definition list

Concept Definition
Event A planned public or social occasion organised by the excursion committee of s.a. Watt.
Excursion committee of s.a. Watt The committee responsible for organizing excursion for s.a. Watt.
s.a .Watt Study association for Electrical engineering, Applied computer science, Applied physics and Nanotechnology.
Volunteer Someone that helps with the organisation and or execution of the activity organised by the excursion committee. Volunteers are not recognisable[W1]  by definition .
Member excursion committee Someone who is a member of the excursion committee of study association Watt and recognisable [W2] as a member by his/her clothing.
Excursion An event that includes a visit to a company, institute or any other work environment in an educative manner.
Latecomer A person who arrives late to an event.[W3] 
Participant Someone who is present during an excursion, has filled in the registration form and is not a member of the excursion committee or a volunteer.


This document contains the terms of services that are applicable to all activities organised by the excursion committee of s.a. Watt. This document represents what is and is not expected from the members of the excursion committee or other volunteers who help to organize the event.

Terms of services (Applicable to all events unless stated otherwise)

  1. All data which is entered the participant in the registration form for an event, will be visible for the excursion committee.
  2. All data which is entered the participant in the registration form for an event, can be sent to a company when needed.
  3. A participant will always listen to the instructions given by the volunteers or members of the excursion committee.

Not following the instructions can result in the exclusion of the participant from the event.

  • During the event it is expected that all participants act polite to each other.
  • During the event all participants will communicate in a formal manner towards the company.
  • The excursion committee is not responsible for transportation.
  • Be on time, there is no waiting for latecomers.
    Unless there is another agreement.
  • The excursion committee has the right to hold on the personal data which is filled in at the registration form, up to three weeks after the event has taken place.
  • The excursion committee has the right to change the terms of services which are applicable to a certain event.
    The excursion committee will communicate the changes to the participants.
  • If the terms of services are to be interpreted in a different way, the interpretation of the excursion committee will be correct.
  • The Dutch terms of service document is the leading one.

Rules for sign ups & payments

  1. For every excursion non-members are obliged to pay €5,- unless otherwise stated. For members of s.a. Watt this amount will be €0,- unless otherwise stated.
  2. The sum that is applicable on the event will need to be paid two workdays prior to the event. The account where the sum will need to be transferred is NL10 RABO 0111 8864 65 on the name S.v. Watt.  As remarks you need to add the name of the event, your initials and surname example(“Equinix J. Pieters”).
  3. The deregistration has to be submitted at least two day prior to the excursion committee. If the deregistration is not announced two days prior to the excursion and there is a valid reason for the participant not being able to attend the event, the participant is still obliged to transfer the sum of €5,-.
  4. The deregistration of a participants needs to be sent to excursie@svwatt.com. Any other manner is not valid.
  5. The sum which needs to be paid for an event can differ from the standard sum of €5,- if the excursion committee has a valid reason for the change in price.
  6. Declaration of travel costs is possible at costs exceeding €5,-. This can be done in the association room of s.a. Watt by filling in a declaration form with a receipt.