Vacation and work?

Dear you there,

How have you been? I am pretty much alright, just a little bit of stress because of my new job in the vacation. It’s kind of like a summer school but then in the spring. It is fun to do, but like high schoolers are scary!
But what have you been doing lately? Studying for exams? Enjoying the sun? Every time the sun was out, I had to work. It was terrible, seeing everyone with ice creams and I needed to sit inside.
But there are worse things in the world. Exams are over, holiday is there. Sun’s gone, but who needs sun to eat ice cream.

In the next two months life is going to be so busy, with the board weekend, the Watt sailing weekend and also the BATA. The BATA is a race between all students in The Netherlands from Nijmegen to Enschede. The fastest runner wins! It is epic. Lots of parties but also watching the race is very fun to do. Who of you will I see cheering?

Furthermore I just don’t have anything else..

I hope everyone enjoys there holiday and we’ll see you after the break!