TkkrLab Presents: A modern approach to parsing programs



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In this workshop TkkrLab presents a modern approach to create a parser for a programming language, which makes use of a powerful grammar to specify a parser in a simple manner.

We start with a historical overview of parsing. We will look at an online interactive parser and learn how to write a grammar for our own programming language.

Next we look into how this grammar can also be used with IParse, which is an interpreting parser developed in C++ and as open source available on GitHub.

Finally, depending on interest, we dive into RawParser, a C program in which all aspects of parsing are presented in steps. For this some knowledge of C is required.

For notes and online interactive parser, see:

Frans Faase (foto:aroundAnnebel)

Frans Faase came to Enschede in 1981 to study Computer Science at the University of Twente. He graduated from the compiler construction group in 1986. He spent several years doing research at the university and working in the corporate world as a software engineer. He has an interest in and experience with parsing, reverse engineering, model transformations, character encoding, Unicode and code generation. He also likes to deal with combinatorial puzzles and problems. Since 1995 he has maintained a personal website.

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