Solar Team Twente Lecture



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Will you be the new world champion? Students work at Solar Team Twente
of the University of Twente and Saxion University of Applied Sciences together to create the most
efficient solar car in the world, with the ultimate goal of
winning the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in Australia!

As a Technical team member you can work on different specializations in the
solar car. For example, as an electrical engineer you can work on the
designing the most efficient solar panel, the most efficient
powertrain or by storing energy in the battery. You can also as
mechanic working to repair the suspension or steering system
to design. Furthermore, there are still tasks in data within the technical team
acquisition, strategy, structural design and aerodynamics.

In addition to the technical team, there are also places with the management team and at
the Communications team. In the management team you deal with the
organization and planning of the project. As a member of the communication team
Are you responsible for bringing in partners and
organizing events.

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