Aryzon Lunch Lecture: Volumetric augmented Reality with your smartphone



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There are many different technologies in the “Reality” sector, but finding which technology is suitable for the use-case can be tough. Aryzon’s mission is to make Mixed Reality accessible for everyone, anywhere on earth, to fully utilize its potential for people and companies. Aryzon’s focus is on showing the potential of stereoscopic information providing, especially to learn and practise skills. Retention rate is a crucial factor in education and thus the right tools should be used in order to increase retention rates. Research shows that showing ‘3D’ content on 2D interfaces, lowers retention rates compared to using 3D volumetric interfaces or even regular text.

In this lecture, Co-founder & CEO of Aryzon Leon Schipper will talk about some of the technologies Aryzon has to offer. This online lecture is particularly interesting for Applied Computer Science, but every student is, of course, welcome to join. The lecture will be given via Microsoft Teams and can be attended by clicking on the link that will appear in your mailbox hours before. If you have not received the link, or have other problems, then please send an email to

Members of Study Association Watt will receive a free lunch delivered the same day at a location in Enschede when participating in the lunch lecture. Enter your phone number if you want to know when it will be at your door.

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