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On March 8th we will join the LAN-party organized by Scintilla. The LAN-party will start at 16:00hrs and last untill early morning next saturday.

The cost for joining this event is roughly 3 euros excluding pizza & snacks. The final cost will be calculated after the event.

The pizza’s at the event will be provided by dominos, a choice can be made from the traditional pizza’s.

Snacks, beers and soda will be available at the event provided by Scintilla

If you have a preference for certain games please do indicate that in this google form:

You need to bring your own computer and make sure it arrives at the location.

The location for the LAN-party is the SmartXP room at university Twente, adress information will follow.

Transportation to and from the location is for your own account.

We hope to see you there!

Disclaimer: All information put on this form can be shared with all members of the committee , the board of Scintilla and the SCADA (LAN-party committee). Sending in the form constitutes agreeing to the sharing of your information with the committee, the board of Scintilla and the SCADA (LAN-party committee).

Possibly Scintilla will take pictures at the event, by sending in this form you agree to the possibility of having your picture taken at the event.