Dear you guys,

So what have you guys been up to?
I have been very busy with work and finding a nice internship, it went from nobody wanting me to four companies wanting me for an internship. So now i need to choose. It is very difficult, choosing between me living with my parents and living in Enschede but an different project.
But tonight we had a workshop from Yer about negotiating when you get a job offfer. It was very interesting, so that’s why this board talk is a little bit late.
I also don’t know what my laptop is doing. Like i starts typing and it keeps returning to the begin of the sentence as if it doesn’t want me to write this post. Like wtf computer just work.

Quick edit, i don’t know what my computer was up to last night. This morning it is working like normal, maybe it is just haunted. GHOSTS, who do you call!? GHOSTBUSTERS

So that’s me for now, I will go and fix my laptop hopefully, or I will ask webcie what the problem is.

Have a great weekend.