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Dear all,

This week is a time of sadness, exams are happening, there is a lack of sleep and there are students crying around every corner. But we cannot lose hope, we can survive this together!
While all of you guys are working so hard to pass your exams, am I just binging Netflix. This week I have watched five Christmas films so far, Netflix really stepped up their Christmas game this year. And they are releasing more films at the end of November!! Right now, I can only wish for snow storms and other reasons why it is not do able to go to Saxion, just to be able to watch these films.
But back on track, best thing to do now is watch some films and eat some snacks. You will be fine with these exams.

If you did not pass them, join the paintball activity in week 2.2. It will cheer you up a bit.

Lots of love,


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