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Soap bubbles

Hello lovelies,

Once again it’s my time to write something for you guys. A few weeks ago a soap bubble hype started in the association room, after a week someone came in with a soap bubble machine, which makes it possible for us to shower people with soap bubbles :D. Yesterday the whole thing came to a climax. After using the machine to shoot bubbles in the face of an irritating member, one of our members decided to attach the machine to the roof, filling most of the room with bubbles. But the bubbles left little traces of soap on everything so soon everyone wanted the machine turned off. Instead of this it was decided to hang the machine outside the window. So an attachment was made from duct tape and we were blowing bubbles into the sky!! Around fifteen students were all staring in euphoria how the bubbles were reaching the other side of the street, were hitting people on the ground and most importantly were going up in the sky. They were flying higher than Saxion itself, they were disappearing from our sight, they were flying to freedom. I like to think that somewhere because of some freak twist of nature there is still one bubble flying through the sky, thinking fondly of the great association that created it.

Have a beautiful day/week/month/life,

Arthur Kramer Commissioner International

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