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Thank you!

Hello sweet underlings,

I've been a board member now for 5 months and 10 days and I have to say: It has been an absolute blast. Most days I spend in the association room. Fixing small and big things. Things like the finances of the international committee, writing a roadmap for an international study trip (yes, we're working on it, no, we're not promising anything yet), looking into a really cool addition for the association room (won't tell you what yet) or telling upcoming students what the association is all about. Also last week I supported Pascalle when we went to meet a potential new member. I love doing  all these things, but the thing I love the most are you guys. Just joking around in the association room, going to activities together and in the case of a lot of you working together to make the association better and more fun. So thank you all of you and hopefully I’ll see you soon in the association room.



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