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Infinity War Movie!

The long awaited movie is finally there! Wednesday the 25th of April Watt go to Kinopolis to watch it.  The first batch of tickets will be bought on the 12th. After that you can still sign in but you might have to sit somewhere else. The costs are 11,- plus another 1,10 euro if you want us to order 3d glasses. As always these costs will be added to your monthly bill for the members. Non-members need to transfer the money to:


Important: Non-members are only completely signed in if you have transferred the money

Also there is a plan to eat together in the city before going to the movie at 17.30, it will be 10 euros for three courses. Just let us know if you want to eat with us. We´ll contact you about it.

Contact international@svwatt.com if you have any questions or ask them in the comment box below.

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