Membertalk #1 – Watt ALV

Today is November 2nd 2021, judgement day.

Its true, it’s time for the WALV (change of board general members meeting for the ones who didn’t yet know) and the board is sprinting through Saxion, from the Wattroom to S0.47 and back.

As a regular member, we’re sitting here waiting for the clock to hit 5 p.m. to join them.

It’s quite calm in the room at the moment, attending are: Frank de Vries (chair of the AcCie), Corneel Kamphuis (chair of the BrakCie, appointed secretary of the AcCie), Maatje van Damme (member of the BrakCie and the AcCie) and Gerben Braakman (a list way too long, I’m doing to much, but highlights: chair of the ASCie and member of the AcCie) and we’re enjoying ourselves. Playing our own music on the stereo and enjoying an “oliebol”, because that season has started once again.

Hopefully this is the first in a series of talk, next to the main “boardtalk” and the recent “kanditalk”, now premiering “membertalk”

See ya!!